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Ocean Acoustic Developments Ltd (OAD) produces specialist software applications that enable the user to analyse the underwater environment on a Global basis. Our products, WADER and HARCAM, include all the required data sets for:

  • Sonar range prediction
  • Probability of detection ( & counter-detection) calculation
  • Underwater acoustic modelling
  • Propagation loss analysis
  • Ocean environment evaluation

Our software is designed, developed and produced in-house which enables us to provide an exceptional level of support. The embedded propagation loss models have been independently verified by the UK MoD.

With a range of applications and over 20 years experience, our sonar performance prediction systems have been used fleet-wide by the UK Royal Navy since 1995. Our overseas customers include Governments and Scientists spanning the Globe.

Our Sonar Performance Modelling Products:

‘WADER is mandated as the current acoustic model for use throughout the [UKRN] FLEET.’
UK MOD Report (2009)