While the ultimate aim of OAD’s software, WADER and HARCAM, remains sonar performance prediction, the tools have been enhanced over the years making them invaluable for a variety of tasks.


The flexibility of data inputs available in WADER and HARCAM make them useful tools for oceanographic research. Both programs have been used successfully for Environmental Impact Assessment and postgraduate courses in underwater acoustics.

Education & Training

OAD applications education & training

The capabilities of WADER used in classrooms are identical to WADER licences used operationally. This allows crews to practice vital skills using realistic scenarios in a safe environment to help maintain operational superiority when at sea. WADER is a formidable tool for training at all levels, in both academic and military training units.

Pre-Mission Planning

OAD applications pre-mission planning

With Fleet asset numbers reducing, it is more important than ever that Forces fully exploit every asset at their disposal. WADER can help the Command establish where to deploy their sonar capabilities to maximum effect.

Operational SRP

OAD applications operational SRP

WADER is designed with a Graphic User Interface (GUI) to simplify and expedite the Sonar Range Prediction (SRP) process and to help enhance situational awareness.

Measured profile data for the operational environment can be uploaded to enhance the accuracy of calculations.

Post-Mission Review

OAD applications post-mission review

Post operational analysis is a vital process for maintaining and improving future operational performance. WADER is provided as a stand-alone system, enabling users to both review a scenario at their convenience (i.e. not when equipment schedules allow) and save/export data in multiple formats for external review.

Diver Detection Systems

OAD applications diver detection systems

Strategic areas are often covered by diver detection sonar systems to guard against intruders. WADER can help ensure the coverage of such systems, assist in calculating where to position these assets for maximum effect and aid in the development of new systems.


OAD applications minehunting

When searching an area for sea mines, knowing the range of your sonars is essential. WADER’s dedicated HF propagation loss algorithms can model sonar performance at these frequencies. Where sonar coverage is limited, the software can be used to help decide how assets should be re-deployed to fulfil the objectives.

Environmental Impact Assessment

OAD applications EIA

WADER’s propagation loss models can be used to calculate the effects of noise sources as a result of man-made activities and have been used successfully for EIA work. PTS & TTS values can be incorporated for simple geographical visualisation.


OAD applications fisheries

The propagation loss modelling tools in WADER & HARCAM function at a range of frequencies, including those used by fish-finder sonar. The sonar can help locate shoals of fish for optimum net deployment.

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